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Devotional Reflection Thoughts

Each edition of our daily devotion contains a Devotional Reflection Thought. Here we present these to you by category. We hope these will spur on your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, regardless of what season of life you are in.

Today's Most Popular Devotional Reflection Thoughts

  • #520 : I am willing to place my trust in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. >>
  • #76 : Thank you for your grace and mercy Jesus. >>
  • #489 : Jesus is the anchor of life during uncertain and changing times. >>
  • #225 : Because of my relationship with Jesus others will experience His love. >>
  • #465 : Use the challenges life brings you to strengthen your faith in Jesus. >>
  • #457 : Jesus in faith I want to thank you for the victory You are bringing to my life. >>
  • #157 : Shine your face on me Jesus. >>
  • #313 : What is the Lord teaching me? >>
  • #39 : Only you, God, are the true judge of the motives of my heart. >>
  • #173 : Purify my heart Lord. Make it gold unto you. >>

Today's Most Popular Devotional Reflection Thoughts Category


The Verse of the Day For
Friday, March 23, 2018

  • Bible Reading
  • John 15:12
  • This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you.
  • NASB
  • Devotional Reflection Thought
  • Lord I lay my fears, worry and anxiety down at the foot of the cross.
  • Name Of God
  • Revelation 5:12
  • One Year Bible Reading Guide
  • Luke 17 &18; Psalms 31
  • Bible Trivia Question
  • Category: Easter Trivia Questions
    Question: What did Jesus cry out before He died?
    • My Father, My Father, Why have you chosen me?
    • My God, My God, Forgive them for they know not.
    • My God, My God, I am at your mercy.
    • My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me?
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