Bible Trivia For Kids Bible Trivia questions for kids is a fun way to teach children God's Word. 2018-09-21T16:32:18+00:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Ron Piggott 2018 <![CDATA[Who wore the coat of many colors that his father had made for him?]]> 2018-09-20T03:02:46+00:00 2018-09-20T03:02:46+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Who took over for Moses after he was gone?]]> 2018-09-19T03:02:56+00:00 2018-09-19T03:02:56+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Who make the Ark?]]> 2018-09-18T03:05:11+00:00 2018-09-18T03:05:11+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[How long was Lazarus dead before Jesus raised him up?]]> 2018-09-16T03:02:44+00:00 2018-09-16T03:02:44+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Who wrote The Gospel of Mark?]]> 2018-09-15T03:03:35+00:00 2018-09-15T03:03:35+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[What tempted Eve in the garden of Eden?]]> 2018-09-14T03:03:40+00:00 2018-09-14T03:03:40+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[When God created the world what did He hid make 5th?]]> 2018-09-13T03:02:28+00:00 2018-09-13T03:02:28+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Who wrote The Gospel Of John?]]> 2018-09-12T03:03:33+00:00 2018-09-12T03:03:33+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Who wrote The Gospel of Luke?]]> 2018-09-11T03:02:49+00:00 2018-09-11T03:02:49+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Before Saul became a Christian, he did what to Christians?]]> 2018-09-10T03:03:24+00:00 2018-09-10T03:03:24+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Who killed Goliath?]]> 2018-09-09T03:02:49+00:00 2018-09-09T03:02:49+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[What was Jesus' mother's name?]]> 2018-09-08T03:03:52+00:00 2018-09-08T03:03:52+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[What did Jesus sleep in when He was born?]]> 2018-09-07T03:02:47+00:00 2018-09-07T03:02:47+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Who walked with Jesus on the water?]]> 2018-09-06T03:01:46+00:00 2018-09-06T03:01:46+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[What are the streets of Heaven made of?]]> 2018-09-05T03:03:25+00:00 2018-09-05T03:03:25+00:00 Ron Piggott