Prayers For Today Are you struggling with what words to use when praying? Our Prayers for Today will help you to express yourself to Jesus. Each prayer we have prepared is meant as a guide. We encourage you to substitute what we have prepared into your own words. God looks at the sincerity of the heart while praying. If it is too hard to substitute the words and you pray with a sincere heart the Lord will hear you. It is up to God in His infinite wisdom in how He answers you. 2018-09-21T16:30:18+00:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Ron Piggott 2018 <![CDATA[Desiring Intimacy With The Lord]]> 2018-09-21T00:01:51+00:00 2018-09-21T00:01:51+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Making Decisions]]> 2018-09-20T00:02:12+00:00 2018-09-20T00:02:12+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[When Feeling Afraid]]> 2018-09-19T00:01:47+00:00 2018-09-19T00:01:47+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Healing From Sexual Abuse]]> 2018-09-18T00:01:49+00:00 2018-09-18T00:01:49+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Raising A Strong Willed Child]]> 2018-09-17T00:01:23+00:00 2018-09-17T00:01:23+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[When Feeling Vulnerable]]> 2018-09-16T00:02:10+00:00 2018-09-16T00:02:10+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Father's Day Prayer]]> 2018-09-15T00:01:36+00:00 2018-09-15T00:01:36+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Accepting Jesus]]> 2018-09-14T00:00:52+00:00 2018-09-14T00:00:52+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Family Member In Jail]]> 2018-09-13T00:02:09+00:00 2018-09-13T00:02:09+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Mother's Day Prayer]]> 2018-09-12T00:01:05+00:00 2018-09-12T00:01:05+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Help Not Judging Others]]> 2018-09-11T00:01:19+00:00 2018-09-11T00:01:19+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Waiting On God]]> 2018-09-10T00:01:09+00:00 2018-09-10T00:01:09+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[When Overweight]]> 2018-09-09T00:02:21+00:00 2018-09-09T00:02:21+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[At Bedtime]]> 2018-09-08T00:00:59+00:00 2018-09-08T00:00:59+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Recovering From An Abortion]]> 2018-09-07T00:02:04+00:00 2018-09-07T00:02:04+00:00 Ron Piggott