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  • The name of God given to Moses in the book of Exodus at the burning bush. (See Exodus 3-4:17) It is claimed that nobody really knows what the word sounded like since Hebrew has only consonants in its alphabet and Jewish tradition long since then has not allowed the name to be pronounced. The Hebrew letters transliterate to YHVH (sometimes the V is said to be W). This name comes from a verb with the root letters h-v-h. This verb is the same in meaning as the verb with the root letters of h-y-h, meaning to be or to exist. By declaring this as His name, He is declaring His sovreignty. The Hebrew ehyeh asher ehyeh means I will be whatever I will be. "Ehyeh" is the first person form of h-v-h in the future tense in English (I will be). Since Hebrew names are Hebrew words, it is likely the real name of God is Yihveh, the third person future tense of h-v-h.