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Category: Adam, Eve and the Garden of Eden
Question: What did God place at the tree of life to prevent Adam and Eve from eating of it?

  • Two Prophets
  • Two Cherubim
  • Two Strong Men
  • Two Seraphims

The consequence of Adam and Even consuming the forbidden fruit was to be banished from the Garden of Eden. This passage of scripture teaches us that God is holy and out of reverence for Him we need to follow His ordinances. Through Jesus dying on the cross and we entering into a relationship with Him as our Savior His shed blood makes amends for our sin. This grace of God isn't a license to sin. It is the empowering of the Holy Spirit which enables us to live a life set apart for God. Turning to God in prayer during times of temptation is the response we should take. When we have fallen short of God's glory Jesus doesn't turn His back on us --- We are still able to turn to Him in prayer confessing our sin and be found in righteousness before the Lord our God.

Based on Genesis 3:24

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