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Category: Parable of the Good Samaritan
Question: Who was the first passerby who saw the wounded man in the Good Samaritan parable and passed by on the other side?

  • A Samaritan
  • A Priest
  • A Levite
  • A Pharisee

In Luke 10:31 we read the priest passed by the dying man on the other side of the road. The priest who was a religious leader of Jesus time on earth went out of his way not to help the dying man. Here we learn that it isn't religion we need, but instead a relationship with Jesus. As the parable progresses it is Jesus love which shines through in the actions of the Good Samaritan. In our lives God asks us not to be prejudice, but instead to show His love to those people we meet. At times this will challenge and mature our faith.

Based on Luke 10:25-37

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