Devotional Reflection Thoughts

A gentle reminder of Jesus comfort during the storms of life through our Devotional Reflection Thoughts.

  • Jesus fill the lonely void in my life. >>
  • Jesus is the friend who will never leave or abandon you. In Him you are able to place your trust. >>
  • Jesus is there during the quiet hours. >>
  • Jesus it comforts me to know You are there for me rooting and cheering me on. >>
  • Jesus please send your encouragement to me. >>
  • Jesus put Your love in my heart. >>
  • Jesus take my hand. >>
  • Jesus thank you for continually carrying my burdens. >>
  • Jesus thank you for the cross and that You took my burdens onto Yourself that very day. Thank you for how much You care about me. I love you Jesus. >>
  • Jesus thank you that You have stayed the same. >>