Devotional Reflection Thoughts

Our Devotional Reflection Thoughts join in your celebration of the work Jesus accomplished for us on the cross during His death, burial and resurrection.

  • All of the sin mankind will ever do nailed Jesus to the cross. Thanks be to God that Jesus overcome sin, Hell and the grave so we may live with Him in eternity and be guided by the Holy Spirit during this life. >>
  • Even when facing His death Christ was concerned for our destiny. >>
  • God the Father looks at us through Jesus' cleansing blood and is able to declare us 'not guilty' because of the cross. >>
  • Has the Lord risen in your heart? >>
  • Help me to live out the standard of the cross in my life Jesus. >>
  • Help me to look to You Jesus when I struggle. >>
  • His blood hasn't lost it's power. >>
  • I acknowledge the grace of the cross that held Jesus in my life. >>
  • I am willing to place my trust in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. >>
  • I will boast in the cross that held Jesus only, and not in the works of my flesh. >>