Devotional Reflection Thoughts

Our Devotional Reflection Thoughts join in your celebration of the work Jesus accomplished for us on the cross during His death, burial and resurrection.

  • Jesus thank you for the gift of the new life I found in you. >>
  • Jesus thank you for your act of obedience for me. >>
  • Jesus you bore my shame at the cross. >>
  • Jesus you're my defender. >>
  • Jesus' crown of thorns symbolically shows us He is there to turn to when we fail God's moral law. >>
  • Jesus, thank you for making me a new person at the cross. >>
  • Lord I lay my fears, worry and anxiety down at the foot of the cross. >>
  • Lord help my life to be the Bible my friends, colleagues and family reads of Your love to me. >>
  • Lord pour into my life. Help me to experience the love you demonstrated on the cross for me. >>
  • Lord thank you for the gift of eternal life. >>