Devotional Reflection Thoughts

Encouraging Devotional Reflection Thoughts to boost your faith and remind you of Jesus commitment to your life.

  • Nothing compares to your majesty Jesus. >>
  • Once you get past religion and into a relationship with Jesus He does a beautiful thing in your life. >>
  • Share God's love with someone in your community who is in need of encouragement. >>
  • The "F"\'s of our faith: Fellowship, Fruit and our Future Home >>
  • The Word of God is living. Reading your Bible will change you to become more like Jesus. It will also bring hope and meaning to your life. >>
  • The excitement of life is all about Jesus. >>
  • There is grace found at the cross to press forward even when there has been past failure. >>
  • Utilize your assets to serve the King! >>
  • We all have something unique to share in serving the body of Christ. >>
  • With God it is easier to be a vessel in motion than a parked ship. >>