Devotional Reflection Thoughts

Faith focused Devotional Reflection Thoughts to motivate your commitment to live for the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • A lot of God related satisfaction comes from hard toil. >>
  • A true sense of joy and satisfaction comes from using the Lord's giftedness in your life. >>
  • Always remember the Lord has your back. Put your faith and trust in Him. >>
  • At times we need to step back and allow Jesus to work on someones heart. >>
  • Be a world changer with Jesus' love. >>
  • Deepen your faith out of relationships with your brothers and sisters in Christ. >>
  • Do I have eyes of faith? >>
  • Do you show signs of life --- Evidence that God has transformed you? >>
  • Faith is like a muscle. It needs to be exercised. >>
  • Father I fail on my own strength. Help me to trust in you for my day to day life. >>