Devotional Reflection Thoughts

Faith focused Devotional Reflection Thoughts to motivate your commitment to live for the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Lord I expect great things of you in my life. >>
  • Lord I invite you to increase. >>
  • Lord help me not to lose track of what You are doing in my life. >>
  • Our situations don't determine God's faithfulness to us. God's faithfulness is shown through our situations. >>
  • Sharing your faith is equal parts words and actions. >>
  • The Lord doesn't do half a job. >>
  • There are times we have to trust that God is at work, even when we can't measure it in tangible terms. This is where are faith comes into play and matures. >>
  • What does Christ mean to you? >>
  • With the Lord as your strong foundation the events of life won't shake you. >>
  • You alone are God and I surrender. >>