Devotional Reflection Thoughts

Through the Holy Spirit we are guided in our commitment to live for the Lord Jesus Christ. As you reflect on Him while reading our Devotional Reflection Thoughts may you feel the Holy Spirit's peace surrounding you.

  • Am I walking in the reality of who Jesus says I am? >>
  • Are you trying to be more like Jesus each day? >>
  • Bathe me in your Word Jesus. >>
  • Before giving up remember why you held on so long initially. >>
  • Choosing to trust in God will allow you to overcome fear. >>
  • Christianity is not an add-on to your life; it's the foundation. >>
  • Continue to ask God for help even if you know how to do what you're already doing. >>
  • Do I trust God with His timing and that what He wants to have happen will simply happen? >>
  • Does God own your heart or do your possessions? >>
  • Does your life reflect Jesus to your peers? >>