Devotional Reflection Thoughts

Through the Holy Spirit we are guided in our commitment to live for the Lord Jesus Christ. As you reflect on Him while reading our Devotional Reflection Thoughts may you feel the Holy Spirit's peace surrounding you.

  • I am His sheep --- He guides me. >>
  • Include Jesus in your family time and watch your family members grow in His love. >>
  • Is your witness for Jesus Christ evident to your co-workers? >>
  • It's not who's right but what's right that matters for eternity. >>
  • It's the heart God's after, not the flesh. >>
  • Jesus I want to walk in your footprints. >>
  • Jesus I welcome you to increase in me. Pour into me like an open vessel. >>
  • Jesus is very real during difficulties. >>
  • Jesus isn't looking for the length of prayer but a heart that is seeking after His. >>
  • Joy is experienced consisting of not forgetting who God is and getting closer to Him. >>