Devotional Reflection Thoughts

Through the Holy Spirit we are guided in our commitment to live for the Lord Jesus Christ. As you reflect on Him while reading our Devotional Reflection Thoughts may you feel the Holy Spirit's peace surrounding you.

  • Once you become a parent you stop being the picture and become the frame. >>
  • Patience is a virtue that causes no shame. >>
  • Pride calls God a liar. >>
  • Remember to greet and welcome the visitors to your church fellowship. Don't leave them as outsiders. >>
  • Share God's grace with those who confide in you for hope and courage. >>
  • Since we don't know the day or time of Jesus' return we should be using the talents God has given us. >>
  • Temptation isn't sin. >>
  • The Lord is able to use our hardships for His glory. >>
  • The Lord is faithful to walk along side of you during the storms of life. >>
  • The Lord is present when trials seems overwhelming. >>