Devotional Reflection Thoughts

Through the Holy Spirit we are guided in our commitment to live for the Lord Jesus Christ. As you reflect on Him while reading our Devotional Reflection Thoughts may you feel the Holy Spirit's peace surrounding you.

  • There is safety in numbers within the body of Christ. >>
  • Through prayer and counsel with those who know you set goals and go after them with a relentless pursuit. >>
  • Through prayer and perseverance the Lord will see you fulfill the plans He has given you. >>
  • Use the challenges life brings you to strengthen your faith in Jesus. >>
  • We aren't required to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. It was held at the cross by the nails that kept Jesus hanging. >>
  • We have Jesus to turn to when there are troubles in life. >>
  • When I spend my time with God do I free myself from other distractions? >>
  • When supporting the work of the Lord do you give with a grateful heart? >>
  • When we begin moving into maturity we are able to love others in Jesus' way. >>
  • You are my deliver Jesus. >>