Devotional Reflection Thoughts

Jesus death on the cross and rising again prepared the way that we may be made whole. While in God's infinite wisdom some of our healing may need to wait until eternity these Devotional Reflection Thoughts are here to assure you of Jesus love and commitment He has made for your life.

  • Acknowledge God in your pain and suffering. >>
  • Forgiveness opens the door to a relationship being restored. >>
  • God is our Great Physician, healing our wounds, carrying our burdens and walking with us during times of sorrow. >>
  • Hanging onto resentment is like letting someone live rent free in your head. >>
  • Help me to experience your love Lord. >>
  • I give my sorrows to you. >>
  • In your valleys, may you always know God is going to take you to a mountain top. >>
  • Jesus I ask you to lift the heaviness off my life. >>
  • Jesus I look to you for my strength, hope and courage. >>
  • Jesus grace and presence in our lives increases during times of difficulties, letting us know He is walking with us each day. >>