Devotional Reflection Thoughts

Jesus death on the cross and rising again prepared the way that we may be made whole. While in God's infinite wisdom some of our healing may need to wait until eternity these Devotional Reflection Thoughts are here to assure you of Jesus love and commitment He has made for your life.

  • Jesus help me to forgive those who have hurt me. >>
  • Jesus is in the shadows when you are struggling and you feel alone. >>
  • Jesus is the anchor during the storms of life. >>
  • Jesus my tears are a beautiful thing in your sight. >>
  • Jesus thank you for baring my shame. >>
  • Jesus you are the potter of my life and I simply trust in you, knowing you have my best interests in mind for my life. I love you Jesus. >>
  • Jesus' blood hasn't lost it's power to save, heal and deliver. >>
  • Lord heal my brokenness. >>
  • Lord you're a God of compassion. >>
  • Purify my heart Lord. Make it gold unto you. >>