Devotional Reflection Thoughts

The hope Jesus gives sustains believers during trials and adversity we face in this life. The following Devotional Reflection Thoughts are a gentle reminder of Jesus comopassion for you.

  • Jesus whether I come or go You are near. >>
  • Jesus will provide for you. His direction is found through earnest prayer and patience while He orchestrates your life. >>
  • Lord thank you for my life and this gift of life you have given me. >>
  • Love is faith in action. >>
  • My hope is in you alone Lord. >>
  • My life in the hands of Jesus is valuable. >>
  • My source of hope and strength is in Christ alone. >>
  • One day you're coming back Jesus. >>
  • Our strength is found in Christ alone. >>
  • Remember nothing happens on earth that is a surprise to the Lord Jesus. >>