Devotional Reflection Thoughts

Intimacy with the Lord Jesus produces a vibrant and appealing faith for the people encountering a believer. We hope this series from our Devotional Reflection Thoughts strengthen your resolve to live for the Lord Jesus. For those who are struggling use this as an invitation to dust yourself off and grow deeper in your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Being faithful, dependable and kind is your silent witness to co-workers, strangers, family and friends. >>
  • Experience Jesus in prayer each day. >>
  • Fill my heart with your praises Jesus. You're my King. >>
  • Have you decided to put your trust in God during the most difficult times of life? >>
  • Help me to have a love song in my heart to you my Lord. >>
  • How as your prayer life nurtured your faith and love of the Lord Jesus? >>
  • How we respond to the trials we face in this life is our testimony of living for the Lord Jesus. >>
  • I long for more of you in my life Jesus. >>
  • I open my heart to you Jesus. >>
  • I want to know you Lord. >>