Devotional Reflection Thoughts

Intimacy with the Lord Jesus produces a vibrant and appealing faith for the people encountering a believer. We hope this series from our Devotional Reflection Thoughts strengthen your resolve to live for the Lord Jesus. For those who are struggling use this as an invitation to dust yourself off and grow deeper in your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • I was created to worship you Jesus. >>
  • I will be faithful to the Lord. >>
  • I'm in love with you Jesus. >>
  • Intentionally build time into your day to spend time with God and studying His Word. >>
  • It's times like this that I'm glad I'm your child Jesus. >>
  • Jesus I adore you. >>
  • Jesus I honor your name. >>
  • Jesus I love you more now than when I first started out. >>
  • Jesus be the desire of my heart. >>
  • Jesus be the fire within my heart. >>