Devotional Reflection Thoughts

Intimacy with the Lord Jesus produces a vibrant and appealing faith for the people encountering a believer. We hope this series from our Devotional Reflection Thoughts strengthen your resolve to live for the Lord Jesus. For those who are struggling use this as an invitation to dust yourself off and grow deeper in your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Lord help me to not run my life by my own agendas, but to live in submission to you. >>
  • Lord help me to understand what it means to take up my cross and follow You each day. >>
  • My life is so much better with God involved in it. >>
  • My soul belongs to you Jesus. >>
  • My soul has been purchased by the blood of Jesus. >>
  • Salt in your shaker doesn't enrich the world with God's love. >>
  • Start your day with prayer, praise and thanksgiving. >>
  • Thank you Jesus. I love You! >>
  • Thank you for your redeeming grace Jesus. >>
  • To know God is to know His character. >>