Devotional Reflection Thoughts

Prayer is the fundamental to the life of a Christian. May these prayerful Devotional Reflection Thoughts strengthen your resolve to know the Lord Jesus and see Him at work in your life.

  • "Lead us not into temptation" that we would be on the alert for the traps of Satan set around us. >>
  • Expose the schemes of Satan through my prayers. >>
  • Father God I'm your vessel. What do you want me to do in my life? >>
  • God is at work in response to our faith and prayers. >>
  • Grant me ears to hear your voice, O Lord, and a heart to obey you. >>
  • Have you prayed for your family today? >>
  • How do I share my hope the Lord gave me with others? >>
  • How's my heart today Lord? >>
  • I am a light in darkness because of Jesus. >>
  • I commit my children / family to You Jesus. >>