Devotional Reflection Thoughts

Prayer is the fundamental to the life of a Christian. May these prayerful Devotional Reflection Thoughts strengthen your resolve to know the Lord Jesus and see Him at work in your life.

  • I pray for Your glory to be in my life. >>
  • Instead of gossiping pray for those who are hurting and in need of God's grace. >>
  • Jesus I ask you to carry my burdens. >>
  • Jesus I commit my family to you, trusting them into Your care. >>
  • Jesus I exalt your name both now and forever. >>
  • Jesus I lay my burdens down at the foot of Your cross. >>
  • Jesus I pray you would carry the burdens I have for my family members. >>
  • Jesus be the desire in my actions. >>
  • Jesus come be the center of my life. >>
  • Jesus come tabernacle with me. >>