Devotional Reflection Thoughts

Prayer is the fundamental to the life of a Christian. May these prayerful Devotional Reflection Thoughts strengthen your resolve to know the Lord Jesus and see Him at work in your life.

  • Only you, God, are the true judge of the motives of my heart. >>
  • Pray for God's help in sharing and loving others and a hunger for the things of God in your life. >>
  • Prayer sets the tone for the day. >>
  • Show me Your purpose for my life Lord. >>
  • Thank you Jesus for bringing me to the earth you created. >>
  • Thank you for being my Savior. >>
  • Thank you for your great faithfulness to me in my life. >>
  • There are times we need to pray so our hearts are right in realizing the Lord is our provider. >>
  • Turn over the unturned pages in my life Jesus. >>
  • What is the Lord speaking to me? >>