Frequently Accessed Passages Of Scripture

Assurance Found in Jesus for Living A Christian Life

Being thankful in our hearts that the Lord is with us each day Psalms 118:24
With love for our Saviour as the motivation we will share our faith with others through our actions and in service to the body of Christ. John 15:1-11
A righteous man may have troubles, but the LORD delivers him from them. Psalm 34:19
Everything is possible for those who believe in Jesus. Mark 9:23
Fellowship with other believes restores joy 1 John 1:3-4
Grace, mercy and peace is evident in those who accept Him. 2 John 1:3
Jesus calls to and rebukes those He loves to receive His salvation. Revelation 3:19-20
At the end of time the Lord will judge the earth Revelations 10:5-7
The Lord will win the final war waged against Him Revelations 17:12-14
The Lord will create a new Heaven and a new Earth Revelations 21:5
The prophecies found in the Old Testament will be fulfilled at the end of time. Revelations 22:6
The Lord is returning soon and will judge each person for how they lived their life Revelations 22:12

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