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How do I avoid burn out?

The following are some ideas I have to share with you. By no means is this an exhaustive list.

Daily Living

  • Establish a regular sleeping pattern
  • Allow yourself "down time" each day
  • Space out chores based on priority and required time to complete them

Building Your Day

  • Pray for God's wisdom on how to make your schedule
  • Make a "to do" list
  • Begin with major activities (School, employment)
  • Build in routine commitments
  • Plan time for adequate sleep
  • Fill out your day with your "nitty gritty" chores


  • Respect Boundaries
  • Saying "Thank you" to the people who help you
  • Make allowance for honest mistakes
  • Ask for accountability with your weaknesses

Support Network

  • Spend time with people (Your family members, neighbors, classmates, colleagues, church family, sport team members, etc.)
  • Build relationships
  • Share your struggles
  • Ask for support

Finding Direction In Life

  • Daily commit to honoring God with your life and the way you spend your time
  • We are like a vessel and find meaning in engaging in activities and relationships the Lord has prepared for us
  • Observing and watching what season of life you are in
  • Make use of skills, abilities and talents
  • Your inner circle of friends are an excellent source of input and a safety net when considering major life changes (Education, marriage, starting a family, moving residences, etc,)
  • Volunteering is for a season
  • Focus on the little things while building the bigger picture of your life
  • Do not allow past failures and short comings to hold you back from becoming the man or woman God has called you to be

Recovering From Burn Out

  • Avoid over giving
  • Engage in activities which fill you up to recover from the emptiness of burn out (Gardening, painting, spending time with people, etc.)


  • What the Lord commissions He provides for. This is in His time. Moving ahead of the Lord leads to frustration.
  • Being a transparent patient will allow your health care professionals the most insight into your lifestyle and allow them to effectively speak into your situation
  • Exercise regularly

This document is not a substitute for health care advice. If you are struggling with burn out there is no shame in seeking medical attention in order to facilitate the proper care and attention required for your situation.

Prepared By: Ron Piggott

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