Life's Questions

I'm feeling overwhelmed with life

Jesus taught us to take life one day at a time. We are promised in Matthew 6:27-34 that God will take care of us. In this passage of Scripture we are challenged to not worry about the future.

A friend of mine who is also disabled gave me a new perspective of how to be thankful. It is to take time and reflect upon how far you have come. We see this paralleled in Scripture in Hebrews 11. Here we find a list of obstacles God empowered people to overcome. As we read through these many examples we should be encouraged that God will provide for our lives the same as He did many years ago.

In prayer I encourage you to commit the anxious thoughts and insecurities you feel to Jesus. He already knows you are struggling. We need to acknowledge Him in our struggles to experience the victory over these areas in our lives. When we can learn to turn to Jesus in our weaknesses we won't forget to acknowledge His awesomeness in life's "mountain top" experiences.

In as much compassion as Jesus showed the woman who was caught in the act of committing adultery (John 8:1-11) we need to extend grace to those who are struggling. Jesus will use your hardship and challenges in life to extend His grace to others after you have worked through the hardship.

Prepared By: Ron Piggott

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