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I feel bad that my friends get better grades than me.

Tonight two of the youth at the swimming pool told me how well their friend is doing in his high school courses. This is their first year of high school. They said to me how his IQ is borderline genius level and most of the time he is receiving grades of 95% or higher.

I want to address this for students who perhaps struggle with courses they are taking or feel bad that they don't get as high marks as some of their friends. An IQ assessment is a fact about you. However it doesn't determine who you are. A person could have a high IQ but be a complete jerk.

Instead what matters is that you do your individual best effort. Beyond high school life gets interesting. You have the opportunity to focus on what interests you. It may be sports. It could be computer related. Perhaps science and math interest you.

It is important to work your hardest at the courses you take as you progress through high school. They are laying down a foundation that will affect your career. If you are feeling down about your courses take a moment to reflect on the big picture. Dare to dream about the unique gifts and talents God has given you.

Prepared By: Ron Piggott

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