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What is the value of my life to God when I suffer in chronic pain?

The love of God, our Heavenly Father, is unconditional. Even in this lifetime when we face challenges we still belong to Him.

People who suffer with chronic pain are able to partially relate to Jesus in His crucifixion. Jesus was scourged for your and my sins. The beating He took was for our cleansing. For the people feeling and living with chronic pain they are able to relate to the price Jesus paid with His death on the cross so all those who would believe in Him would be free. A sincere "Thank you Lord" may rise up as Scripture is reflected on.

The beating Jesus took is a true sense of how much He loves you. It is the assurance that He will be with you in your struggles and in your weakness. The pain you experience may become a reminder of the dependence you have on God the Father to make it through each day.

The challenge Christians are given is based on Romans 8:28

  • And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. (NASB)

The challenge I am referring to is being content, by God's grace, in the situation you have found yourself in. It involves taking time to pray and contemplate your situations. Through this exercise you will begin to see the Lord God at work. Having done this you will be thankful in your heart and find the joy of the Lord in the midst of the challenges sustaining you.

Not everyone will understand your pain. Many times pain is the result of a soft tissue injury. For some people not being able to see the soft tissues which cause you pain causes them to doubt the validity of your situation, even when a medical process has determined the extent of your injuries. The Lord will provide people to support you in practical ways and love you for who you are. This isn't always family members, but the Lord will provide special relationships as you endeavor to manage your life.

Serving the Lord Jesus in ministry isn't excluded because of being in chronic pain. In simple terms ministry is sharing the love of Jesus. Being in chronic pain may allow you the privilege of supporting car accident victim survivors, those affected by arthritis, fibromyalgia and many other diseases that inflicts pain. It may also present you with an opportunity to listen to people who are hurting. Experiencing chronic pain doesn't mean life is over. Instead a new chapter has begun.

The founder of "The Verse of the Day", Ron Piggott, lives with chronic pain and uses an electric wheelchair for his mobility. To reach out and support those who live with chronic pain he has a website just for you: My Pain Management Tracker. May this be a beacon of hope in helping you manage life and endeavor to live for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Prepared By: Ron Piggott

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