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January 31st 2013 at 4:51 am

In the past six weeks I have made numerous efforts to grow the ministry. I would like to share these with you and ask that you pray for each these seeds.

Contacting Kenya

In October 2011 I had the pleasure of talking to someone who had done missionary work in Kenya earlier in the year. He spoke of how people in Kenya use their cell phone to access the Internet. He suggested I make a cell phone friendly version of the web site as an opportunity for the ministry to grow. I took his advice and made a mobile edition of the web site.

In December 2012 he gave me the name and address of two contacts he has in Kenya.

  • A Christian orphanage contact
  • A missionary from "Youth With A Mission"
  • I also know someone in Kenya involved with "Wycliffe Bible Translators"

I mailed each individuals (35) business cards for the mobile edition of The Verse of the Day. I asked they give the business cards to people who have a cell phone and could make us of the mobile website. The business cards are laminated for durability and have a message on the back asking that it be passed onto another person when no longer needed.

The business cards have just arrived in Kenya. I would ask you to pray for an openness to the gospel and that the business cards will find themselves in the hands of individuals who need the encouragement and strengthening that comes from studying the Bible.

The Verse of the Day In The Newspaper

At the start of January I contacted a local newspaper office to ask if The Verse of the Day could again include in the ' Deepen Your Faith ' column. I used this column to share the ministry in November 2011. They responded that the column had been discontinued.

Instead they started an editorial column for ' Sunday Services ' and I was put in contact with the person responsible for this. She offered to include The Verse of the Day each week following the list of Sunday Services on their web site and as space permitted in the print edition of the newspaper for no charge. I was also put in contact with a person responsible for the ' Community Calendar ' in a second newspaper. She also offered to include The Verse of the Day in the list of ongoing activities as space permits in the print edition and ongoing on the web edition of the calendar for no charge. I am very thankful for these opportunities.

Community Outreach

In the fall of 2012 I contacted a local marketing agency to inquire if it would be appropriate to include a Verse of the Day flyer in the bi monthly mailer he produces. It turns out the owner is a believer and is solid in his faith. He was supportive of the idea. He gave me the details of the available coverage and the fee for each. It was left that I would get back to him when I was ready. I contacted him at the start of January and told him I was ready to proceed. The decision I made is to include The Verse of the Day in the mailer for one village. it will be sent to the 5,000 residences in the community and is being distributed this week. It is my hope this flyer will reach those who are struggling in life, backslidden believers and to encourage the body of Christ. Please pray for these seeds.

Community Outreach In Canada

There is a thrift store near my home which raises money to distribute Bibles around the world. In prayer I felt God's leading to contact them and ask if they would post a flyer to share The Verse of the Day with their customers and donors. They agreed to do so.

This thrift store is part of a chain which has stores located in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick. I am sending (2) 4" x 6" flyers with a request they either be displayed at their store or given to a church, mission agency or missionary. As with the business cards I sent to Kenya these flyers are laminated for durability and have a message on the back to ask for the flyer to be passed on when it is done being displayed.

Would you pray this outreach?

  • That the Lord grant me favor with the store personal who receive each letter
  • That the flyer be used by God to encourage many people in their faith and dedication to live for the Lord Jesus.

Pregnancy Center Outreach

The staff and volunteers of a local pregnancy and family care center are believers. They are especially skilled to address crisis pregnancies. They also endeavor to support families.

They have continually been a support for me as my physical disability continually worsened since 2006. In mid January the director offered to post a Verse of the Day flyer at the local pregnancy center and each of the three satellite offices in surrounding communities. This is a unique opportunity that the Lord has given. It is my hope that The Verse of the Day could be an encouragement in the midst of their clients lives.

Fund Raising

Our ministry is supported by various means. Some supporters enjoy making donations while others support us through our fund raising program.

In December 2012, a subscriber to The Verse of the Day asked me if it was possible to setup ongoing donations through PayPal. I researched this and in January set this up with options for bi weekly, monthly, bi monthly and quarterly time frames with donations between $5 and $50.

I presently receive a nominal disability pension. Even with a modest life style this isn't sufficient to cover my cost of living. I have a very strong conviction that this ministry remain free of charge and without obligation to the subscribers. If you would like to make a financial contribution to the ministry please visit the ' Donate ' web page.

Closing Comments

Thank you for joining me in the study of God's Word and your prayerful support.


Ron Piggott

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