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March 1st 2014 at 4:53 pm

Hi Everyone

I know some of you haven't been consistently receiving the e-mail edition of The Verse of the Day. I am very sorry about this. This glitch is one of the "growing pains" we are experiencing in the effort to expand whom this ministry reaches. I am working to resolve this.

What is going wrong isn't immediately obvious. I would sincerely appreciate your prayers that the Lord would give me insight into the source of the problem. My physical disability hinders my level of activity each day. The amount of time it is taking me track this down is taking me far longer than "normal".

In the intern if you don't receive your e-mail you may access the current version of The Verse of the Day on our web site at:

For those who are affected: Your subscription still does exist within the subscriptions database. Please do not re-subscribe. This will not resolve the problem. I will do my best to address this in the coming days.

In the bigger picture we are working towards having The Verse of the Day web site accommodate more users each day and in multiple languages. It is a real honor and privilege to over see the ministry. It is fantastic being able to share the hope the Lord Jesus gives me as I face each day with my physical disability.


Ron Piggott

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