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May 18th 2014 at 9:48 am

To The E-Mail Subscribers of The Verse of the Day

Sporadically over the past week subscribers to our daily devotion have been contacting me for assistance to understand why they were not receiving the daily devotion. After doing the research I thought was appropriate it appeared the devotional e-mail was being detected as spam and I wondered if it was in a spam folder, waiting to be discovered. However on Friday May 16th 2014 I realized one of my test subscriptions was also not being delivered and that the problem was bigger than any one subscriber.

Today I contacted the technical support department of our web site host for assistance. They told me there was concern that the e-mail address which sends the daily devotion had been sending spam and to prevent this from happening further the e-mail address had been suspended. They have asked me to complete some steps to ensure the integrity of the e-mail address. Once completed they will resume it. I have begun doing this.

A year ago we purchased a server for the ministry. I have been slowly migrating our web sites onto it. Once this is completed our need for a commercial web host account will change, to only needing an e-mail provider. There is a lovely Christian web host company who has agreed to be our e-mail provider when we are ready for the switch. I asked them how to prevent our e-mails from being detected as spam. Their response applies to this situation we have experienced:

There is becoming very little tolerance for spam. Web site hosting companies are taking those who send spam through their e-mail server very seriously. For those who run e-mail lists --- like our Verse of the Day --- if an e-mail address is undeliverable they expect it to be unsubscribed. Repeatedly sending e-mails to an undeliverable e-mail address is considered spam. I want to let each of you know that I will gladly assist any of you who need to update your e-mail address. You will have a member area in the coming months so you will have the ability to do so yourself. Until this time please complete the Contact Us form for assistance.

I am sorry you didn't receive the daily devotion during this past week.

Ron Piggott

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