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March 26th 2011 at 9:00 am

The annual web site hosting fees are coming up. I am writing to ask if you would help with this expense in the following way:

The recent earthquake - tsunami disaster in Japan has been on my mind. I was hoping we could send a financial contribution to a relief agency working in the area. What I am proposing is for a $10 contribution mail you 5 Christian themed postcards and 3 bookmarks. Then on April 1st 2011 I will forward on 25% of the money raised to a relief agency in Japan.

Our PayPal address is or mailing address is:

Acts Ministries Christian Evangelism *
12 Burton Street
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
K8P 1E6

* Please ensure international money orders may be redeemed at a Canadian Financial Institution

Please take this to the Lord in prayer. A total of $300 needs to be raised.

Before I close I want you to know about a new devotional poem added to The Verse of the Day website this week: His Holy Place. It will surely reinvigorate your faith.

In Christ's Service,

Ron Piggott

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