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May 24th 2014 at 5:46 pm

May 24th 2014

To The Verse of the Day: E-Mail Subscribers

We have created an account with a different commercial web hosting company - The GraceNet - the original Christian web host. This has allowed us to re-start The Verse of the Day daily devotional e-mail sending. I have had several contacts with support over the past 3 days. They have worked very hard to help me.

Approximately 35 of our subscribers e-mail provider are refusing delivery of our devotional e-mail. This isn't a surprise to me. The same thing initially happened when we began sending The Verse of the Day from the web host we are leaving. The problem is possible spam has been reported as being sent from the computer our account is on. I have just sent a message to technical support requesting the same setup as was necessary to resolve this from our previous web host. For those affected my suggestion is either use the web site to access the daily devotion or subscribe to The Verse of the Day RSS Feed.

There are more settings we need to change to complete the switch. Please pray for this process. My physical disability kept me awake much of last night. I will be needing to spend much of today and tomorrow resting in order to recover.

Also about six weeks ago I spoke of plans for our ministry to purchase (2) solar panels. This is so we may produce the electricity we use and in order to be good stewards of what God has entrusted into our care. These solar panels will be purchased shortly and hopefully setup in late June 2014. A friend I made while attending Bible College, Mike, has graciously agreed to install these on the roof for me. I am creating the wiring connections these and solar panels I will be purchasing for my own electricity needs will use. I am very much enjoying working on this. Prior to using an electric wheelchair for my mobility I re-wired my home. I very much enjoyed doing this. I have once again found electrical wiring very enjoyable.

I hope each of you have a wonderful weekend. May you richly be blessed with the Lord presence, courage and strength in your life.

Ron Piggott

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