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May 29th 2014 at 6:22 pm

To The Verse of the Day Subscribers

There are a few updates I would like to make each of you to be aware of.

Setting Your Time Zone

A few years ago we began to ask our subscribers what hour they would like to receive 'The Verse of the Day' devotional e-mail in the Eastern time zone. We now have the ability to set our subscribers time zone as they desire. The idea is that we give you a consistent devotional e-mail which you may build into your day around. Later in this year or early 2015 we will have a member area for you to change these settings. For the time being if any of you would like to change your delivery hour and use your local time zone please let me know. We want to help encourage you in the love and faithfulness of the Lord Jesus.

Beginning To Move

We are continuing the process necessary to switch e-mail providers. Although I don't expect it there is a possibility of 'The Verse of the Day' web site temporarily going offline during the transition. I want to assure you that we are still here even if the web site isn't available. The daily devotional e-mail sending is separate than this. I do have a responsibility to ensure anyone is able to unsubscribe at will. If the web site is unavailable and you want to unsubscribe please contact me directly by e-mail for assistance. I will send out a broadcast e-mail when all the changes are completed.

Our Ticket System Is Temporarily Inaccessible

Related to the settings which control our ticket system (what we use when people complete our "Contact Us" form and our department e-mail addresses used for e-mail correspondence) are temporarily unavailable. Messages sent are still being received, but are being held in priority sequence until all the settings which need changing are complete. This transition gives us a far more robust system to work with. We are making these changes to reach and serve more people in Christ's body. If you need urgent attention please use e-mail to contact me: . I will do my best to respond in a timely fashion.

Solar Panel Purchase Update

The solar panels our ministry has purchased will be arriving on Monday. I have been very blessed and am grateful for some friendships I made while attending Bible college in the late 90's. A friend I made while living in the Bible college residence, Mike, is going to help with the installation. Please sincerely pray for Mike's safety as he and a friend work on the roof. This is very important to me. Mike has freely given of himself to help me in many practical ways as a result of my disability. There are also home care workers which aid me each day allowing my energy to be spent on the ministry. Please thank the Lord Jesus for the helping hands He has provided.

I hope each of you have a wonderful weekend.

Ron Piggott

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