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May 20th 2011 at 3:14 pm

Hi Everyone.

I am looking for your input and ideas for two sections of The Verse of the Day web site.

Frequently Accessed Passages Of Scripture

What Bible verses do you turn to for comfort, support and encouragement when dealing with your emotions? I am looking for scripture references you use in the following eight categories (Although if you have another topic with scripture references I am open to adding it.) I am asking for your help so when these web pages are online will be effective in ministering God's unconditional love during emotionally charged issues. Any input you have is greatly appreciated!

  • Abandoned & Overwhelmed
  • Acceptance & Overcoming Rejection
  • Anger
  • Discouragement & Abandonment
  • Fear
  • Guilt & Shame
  • Grief & Sorrow
  • Loneliness

Bible Trivia Questions

In the most recent "News bulletin" I shared how there are a number of "Ready Made" Bible trivia handouts available for you to use when leading your Bible study, youth group, etc.

When a category has reached a minimum of 10 questions it then becomes available as a handout. With the thought of "Many hands make light work" would you be able to contribute any Bible trivia questions for the follow questions? Each category is a link so you may see what has already been prepared.

Reply with your ideas --- Thank you for your input.

Be encouraged of God's unconditional love for you,

Ron Piggott

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