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November 11th 2018 at 1:30 pm

To The Verse of the Day Subscribers

On Friday I performed urgent maintenance to our server. The power supply cooling fan bearings were worn out and needed urgent replacement. With the risk of electrocution it is best practice to simply replace the power supply. The replacement power supply had a power surge when I first turned it on and wrecked the server. As a result we are temporarily we are offline.

I've made really good progress during the past 24 hours restoring the backup to our new server. I've not done all the steps in setting up a server before. I am receiving skilled help as I sort this all out. It will take me the next few days to get everything up and running smoothly.

I know how important the consistency of our relationships with the Lord Jesus is. I have a list of the Bible verses are for the month of November. These are below. The links won't work. It is what I can offer you today.

I am just working on restoring the database right now. If I don't get the e-mail list up and running by mid week I will start sending out the daily devotions manually until I sort this all out.

It is possible I am sending this e-mail out to people who have unsubscribed. I am not out to upset you. If you have received this and you have unsubscribed please respond so I can ensure it is completed. The backup I am working off of is from November 4th 2018.

Thanks everyone.

Ron Piggott

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