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November 12th 2018 at 11:40 am

Good morning Everyone

The Verse of the Day web site is now online. For the next few days you may either use the links (below) to access the edition of The Verse of the Day. The current edition is always available at

We've already begun to benefit from this. The text portion of The Verse of the Day web site is now using a secure connection ( https:// ). This is now a standard for web sites. It is important to me that this is in place in being sensitive to the context of an online ministry.

One of my tasks for 2019 is overhauling the web site. I have 3 main goals in mind:

  • So it will automatically adjust to the screen size you are using to view it on
  • Making the content available in French and Spanish
  • As part of this effort I would encourage each of you to pray and think about what new features would be helpful for you and how this is able to best serve you in your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Please think in terms of personal and community. If you have ideas please e-mail me these and I will begin making a list.

Over the coming days I will be continuing to plug away at the tasks to get the server restored. This process is going well. I am receiving the help needed.

Finally I want to also ask for prayer (especially for wisdom) in the management of my physical disability. This year has been very challenging. I've been making the best out of my life under the circumstances. It is becoming very obvious that I need to raise money for practical help. However from the challenges and suffering I've started a web site specifically for outreach and support to those who endure some of the challenges I experience each day (physical disability, using a wheelchair for mobility & living with chronic pain). One of my goals for this portion of my work for 2019 is to begin writing books themed around this. If you are interested in learning more about my day to day life this is the web site:

Thanks everyone.

Ron Piggott

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