Ministry News And Updates

The following are the archives of our Ministry News and Updates. Please contact us with any questions or inquiries you have. We are very grateful to have the opportunity to bring God's hope and encouragement into your life.

  • March 26th 2011  9:00 am

    The annual web site hosting fees are coming up. I am writing to ask if you would help with this expense in the following way: The recent earthquake - tsunami disaster in Japan has been on my mind. I was hoping we could send a financial contribution to a relief agency

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  • March 3rd 2011  10:00 am

    Hi Everyone. Since the fall of 2010 friends have been helping me create an online Bible dictionary for the site @ Using the words and their definitions I have created two word activities: Bible Word Match Up - Match words with their def

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  • February 4th 2011  10:00 am

    Hi Everyone. The United States Verse of the Day By Phone is now setup and ready for you to use. The content is based on the e-mail devotion you currently receive. I also share a prayer, a few words of encouragement and significant news about the website for further Bible study. The phone line

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