Colin MacKinnon from Ontario, Canada

  • Jesus loves me, as He brought me out of the miry clay pit tells me I am not a piece of rubbish, and has restored me to a follower of Him.
    June 16th 2012  2:40 pm

Samson Toba from Lagos State, Nigeria

  • I am grateful for the great works your ministry is doing in my life, each day there is a word of God to hold on to, which has changed my life tremendously.
    June 16th 2012  10:54 am

Lori Duggan from Mississippi, United States

  • I am blessed by The Verse of the Day Ministry. I love getting it in my email. It is the Word of God that is presented in a user friendly format: informative, short, and to the point. I love the way that it is always adding, changing, and moving forward. That is what a "Christian" ministry should do. I love the questions...that is one of my favorite aspects. I have also been blessed by gaining a new friend, Ron Piggott. He is a blessing to me. May God richly bless The Verse of the Day Ministry and everyone that is a part of it :)
    June 16th 2012  2:11 am

Vicki Grapengeter from Florida, United States

  • The Verse of the Day has been a comfort to me on so many occasions, it lifts me up and makes me pay attention to what the Lord can do! Thank you for THE VERSE OF THE DAY!
    June 15th 2012  6:32 pm

Tony Copple from Ontario, Canada

  • I am comforted every day with the verse in my inbox. There are days when I confess I do not get to my normal daily devotions, and on those days the Verse of the Day must take all the load of reminding me that Jesus (or an angel) is walking with me. This is a great responsibility and I am profoundly grateful for The Verse of the Day.
    June 15th 2012  6:03 pm

Randy McKee from Oklahoma, United States

  • I look forward a message from the Lord exert day, that leads my thoughts and keeps me constantly trying to follow what Jesus wants me to do in my life. Thanks
    June 15th 2012  5:40 pm

Candace Venter from Johannesburg, South Africa

  • It reminds me everyday, how God is fighting for me, even when I am not fighting for Him. Thank you for sharing God's word.
    June 15th 2012  5:38 pm

Vicki Carson from Ohio, United States

  • I receive email alerts on my phone. So The Verse of the Day automatically pops up. Where the Word of God is always a welcome and necessary tool for daily living, some days just that one verse can be a balm for the soul, or a smack in the mouth. There have been many times when it was a comfort in the time of need--as if God himself took the time to speak just for me and my situation. The Verse of the Day has truly been a blessing.
    June 15th 2012  4:33 pm

Tracy Privett from North Carolina, United States

  • It has helped me to study and learn more about God's word. I enjoy passing it on to others, I feel lead to share the word of God with everyone.
    June 15th 2012  4:17 pm

Godfrey Warren from Glasgow, Scotland

  • This octogenarian again expresses deep appreciation for your uplifting and encouraging ministry. I am reminded that behind every presentation there is lot of preparation. For your ministry I would say "prayerful preparation".
    June 15th 2012  3:53 pm