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The Verse of the Day e-mail list is provided by Acts Ministries Christian Evangelism. This ministry was birthed by Ron Piggott with a desire to contribute to the body of Christ in a way which is relevant for today. Ron's ministry isn't geared to a specific denomination, but to nurture the body of Christ into a deeper relationship with the Lord Jesus.

The 2010 summer edition of Anglicians for Renewal included the following article about Ron, his life and ministry:

"For The Lord's Glory"

Ron Piggott

Ron Piggott
Acts Ministries Christian Evangelism

My life took an unexpected turn in 2006. I began feeling pain within my left hip. A few months later I couldn't move my left hip joint. I had become handicapped at age 29. My health challenges would soon become a catalyst for the Lord.

When I was a three years old I had Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease within my left hip. This caused the ball to flatten. Through surgery at age five my hip was rebuilt. What I learned in the fall of 2006 was that the twenty four years which passed since my surgery had caused arthritis to settle into both of my hip joints. This was only the beginning of my physical challenges.

Years earlier I had accepted Jesus as my Savior by myself in my bedroom alone. In grade five I received a Gideon's New Testament. In June 1992 I saw at the back of this pocket Bible a sample prayer to accept Jesus' gift of salvation. It made sense to make this decision, although I didn't understand everything it meant.

In my teens I had become very interested in computer programming. I was more interested in programming than playing computer video games. For my high school computer programming project I wrote a computerized library checkout system which was implemented during the next school year. Around the same time I was becoming aware of the Internet. It was in its infancy compared to today. I started up a simple web site sharing my values. When I completed high school I applied for both computer programming and Bible college. I was accepted into both. I choose to attend Bible college for the following two years.

It was during this time I started an Internet ministry. This was how I could apply what I was learning. Ministering in the context of a church setting didn't appeal to me. I realize the role of a church fellowship is essential in the life of a believer. My interests where in the daily life and struggles my peers face.

As I have continued to seek medical attention for my hips I have watched as the Lord expanded my Internet ministry. The process of daily facing physical challenges was a catalyst to mature me. It has helped me to realize I can't do things on my own strength. It has helped me evaluate what matters in life. It has been a challenge to have faith in God when daily life is like a marathon. Through this the hope the Lord has planted deep in me I am able to offer many others while visiting my web sites.

What I have come to realize is that regardless of personal struggle or need the Lord is as close as a prayer away. Through my physical challenges I have learned that we may indeed rely on Jesus as our source of hope and comfort from His Holy Spirit. I have also realized God's timing is perfect. Contrary to our fast paced society the Lord Jesus is indeed able to be the anchor we hold our live to.

While the pain I continue to feel in my hips and spine is real God is present during the storm. The peace I feel while I pray for my doctors the medical community who are caring for me is the assurance that it will be alright.

The Lord has proven Himself faithful during both the valleys and mountain top experiences of his life. He continues to pursue treatment related for his hips related to Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease he suffered as a child in his left hip. Ron volunteers some of his time to co-moderating a support group for adults who had this disease.

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