Devotional Reflection Thoughts

Each edition of our daily devotion contains a Devotional Reflection Thought. Here we present these to you by category. We hope these will spur on your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, regardless of what season of life you are in.

Today's Most Popular Devotional Reflection Thoughts

  • #216 : I will boast in the cross that held Jesus only, and not in the works of my flesh. >>
  • #229 : The cross that held Jesus carried a message of love to the world. >>
  • #239 : If it hadn't been for the Lord I would not have survived. >>
  • #200 : Jesus you are awesome in my life. >>
  • #634 : Jesus Your hope sustains me. >>
  • #165 : Strengthen me for today. >>
  • #644 : The Word of God is living. Reading your Bible will change you to become more like Jesus. It will also bring hope and meaning to your life. >>
  • #52 : Jesus have the drivers seat to my life. >>
  • #45 : My Jesus I love you. >>
  • #174 : Jesus you made the difference in my life. >>

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