Devotional Reflection Thoughts

Each edition of our daily devotion contains a Devotional Reflection Thought. Here we present these to you by category. We hope these will spur on your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, regardless of what season of life you are in.

Today's Most Popular Devotional Reflection Thoughts

  • #591 : At times we need to step back and allow Jesus to work on someones heart. >>
  • #626 : It's not who's right but what's right that matters for eternity. >>
  • #134 : Thank you for your unconditional love Jesus >>
  • #551 : Put on the Armour of God before entering the battle. >>
  • #66 : I worship you Lord Jesus and give you thanks for all that you have done in my life. >>
  • #58 : Jesus I give you my heart. >>
  • #233 : The blood of Jesus is a testimony to His greatness in our lives. >>
  • #248 : Jesus I don't want to be righteous in my own sight. >>
  • #394 : Choosing to trust in God will allow you to overcome fear. >>
  • #441 : Thank you for taking my place on the cross Jesus. >>

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